2020 Application for Education Department Internships at the Maria Mitchell Association

Deadline: February 15, 2020, 11pm EST, or until all positions are filled.

Fill out the following online form. At the bottom of this page, please upload the documents listed below in PDF format. If your documentation was uploaded successfully, you will receive an automated email confirmation that includes a PDF file of your entire application, including your uploaded PDF documents. Please note: If you do not receive this completed PDF file, your application materials were not uploaded successfully and will not be processed. Questions may be sent to Molly Zegans, Education Coordinator, at mzegans@mariamitchell.org.

1) Cover Letter:

Your cover letter should be a maximum of one page describing your background and interests, why you are excited to participate in an Environmental Education Internship, any specific experience or skills that would make you an ideal candidate, which position you are most excited about, where you saw the position advertised, and any other information you wish to share.

2) Resume:

Two pages maximum. Include information about any previous internships, jobs, courseworkd, or volunteer experience relevant to your application.

3) Questions:

Please answer the following questions. Each answer should be no more than 10 sentences.

1. Describe any experiences you have teaching and/or working with children and families.
2. What qualities define an excellent teacher? Why do you believe these are important?
3. Describe any experience you have maintaining a positive attitude while working in challenging environments and weather conditions.
4. Training begins on Monday, May 25, 2020, with an expected arrival no later than Sunday, May 24. The Camp Assistant and NLP positions arrive a week earlier on Sunday, May 17. There are also opportunities for any intern to arrive up to two weeks earlier. Will you be able to arrive by the date required for your choice position? If not, what is your earliest arrival date?
5. We have three time frame options for these positions. You must be able to stay the full length of the option you choose. Please indicate which time frame(s) you want to be considered for.

Option 1: 5/17 or 5/24 - 8/15

Option 2: 5/17 or 5/24 - 8/22

Option 3: 5/17 or 5/24 - 8/29

6. Have you ever had a lifeguard certification? If so, how many total years have you been certified? Are you currently certified? If so, when does it expire? Do you have any other relevant certifications?

Contact Information

First name
Last name
Address line 1
Address line 2
Zip/Postal Code

Personal Information

Race/Ethnicity (Optional)
Are you a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident (yes/no)
Do you have a valid driving license (yes/no)
How many years have you been driving?

Academic Information

Minor (optional)
GPA in major (optional)
Current Academic Level (i.e. Sophomore, Junior, etc.)
Expected Graduation Date (month)
Expected Graduation Date (year)


Have you cared for animals in a professional setting? (yes/no)
Describe your comfort level in providing educational interpretation to members of the public of all ages, give an example.

Positions applying for

Environmental Education Instructor
1 2 3 Not Interested
Assistant Education Coordinator
1 2 3 Not Interested
Naturalist and Animal Care Leadership Programs Internship
1 2 3 Not Interested

References (3)

Please provide names and contact information for three professional or academic references. Although not required, to save time in the hiring process, we also encourage you to submit letters of recommendation from the references you list below. These letters must be a pdf on official letterhead and can be emailed to Molly Zegans, Education Coordinator, at mzegans@mariamitchell.org.
1. Name
1. Relationship
1. Title
1. Institution
1. Email
1. Work phone
2. Name
2. Relationship
2. Title
2. Institution
2. Email
2. Work phone
3. Name
3. Relationship
3. Title
3. Institution
3. Email
3. Work phone

Upload PDF Files (Please be sure to upload PDF files only)

Cover letter